Mässerbjudande på JBC artiklar

I och med Kista mässan så har vi att ha ett erbjudande på JBC produkter som använts som demoobjekt under de 2 dagarna.

Vi ger 25% rabatt på nedanstående varor, begränsat antal, först till kvarn gäller.

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RWS Adjustable Rework Arm supports Heater Hose Sets allowing hands-free operation.
Due to an included adapter unit the Rework Arm is suitable for JTSE and TESE.
Its base plate is designed to work with PHS Small Preheater.

Tool holder allows inclination and rotation adjustment. Both vertical axis and Tool Holder articulation are scaled,
which is helpful in repetitive soldering tasks.

Hose Clamp holds the Heater Hose away from the work area to keep it clear of obstacles.

RWS-D 1st                                                                                                                       Kampanjpris: 6309kr (8412kr)


Precise dosage ideal for SMT rework.
DPM is the perfect accessory for precision solder paste dispensing for reworking the smallest components.

Thanks to its design, the finger-contact point is very close to the point of application. In addition, DPM ensures a smooth feed of the solder paste and the application of a precise dosage for small and difficult-to-access components.

This type of dispenser is ideal for soldering multi-pin SMD components with hot air.
DPM is compatible with a large variety of needles and tips for the highest dispensing precision. 
It can use 3cc or 5cc capacity syringe barrels.
(Solder paste and needle not included)

DPM-B 3st                                                                                              Kampanjpris: 348kr (464kr)

FAE is the most effective solution to avoid exposure to solder fumes. The extractor activates and operates only when soldering.
The extractor starts up only when soldering. This function not only saves power, but also extends the life span of the equipment, including the filter.

FAE1 stand has an integrated vacuum system that detects when the tool is at rest and automatically absorbs excess fumes.

FAE1 provides direct connection of up to 4 soldering or rework stations with a total of 4 tools.
It can be controlled via JBC Stations, a pedal, a robotic system or a PC.
It has 3 predefined levels of aspiration: low, medium and high. It also features a custom mode where the airflow can be set within the minimum (10%) and maximum rates (100%).

FAE1-2B 1st                                                                             Kampanjpris: 9787,20kr (13049,60kr)


Less than 1 second to perform a through and gentle tip cleaning with CLMU, increasing heat transfer to maximize soldering quality.
It features Sensor and Continuous working modes and can be used in horizontal or vertical position.

Designed for an easy maintenance with direct removable tray and quick and easy brush replacement.
Helps to keep the work area free of Foreign Object Debris (FOD).

CLMU-A 1st                                                                                   Kampanjpris: 3316,50kr (4422kr)

The NASE Station is the best solution for soldering and rework of SMT components requiring the highest precision. Watch video for soldering examples.

It works with the JBC Most Efficient Soldering System and the intelligent Hibernation mode.

This station comes with the NT115-A Nano Handle and the AN115-A Adjustable Nano Tweezers. The short distance from the tip to the handle offers maximum control even when using a microscope.

The NASE-C Rework Station works with the C115 Cartridge Range.
As all the JBC Stations, the NANE has a menu with more than 10 parameters to customize the control unit.

Nase-2C 2st                                                                           Kampanjpris: 10353,75kr (13805kr)


JBC JNASE is the only Hot Air Station to rework, position and remove SMDs without affecting nearby components.

It is perfect for reworking SMDs on areas with minimal separation.
JBC’s Exclusive System enables the regulation of temperatures and air at very low levels in order to avoid the movement of adjoining components.
JBC offers three easily interchangeable cartridge sizes with outlet diameters of 0.8, 1 and 1.2 mm. Makes it the perfect station for easy and high-precision reworking of components as small as 01005, even under the magnifying glass.

The station includes the T260-A Pick & Place to position and remove components easily thanks to the built-in suction pump.

JNASE-2A 1st                                                                            Kampanjpris: 13669,50kr (18226kr)

Flexible extraction hose which connects the Fume Extractor FAE2-5B to the Flexible Arm.


FAE010 2st                                                                                           Kampanjpris: 566,21kr (754,95kr)


The FAE2-5B is the most efficient solution to avoid solder fumes thanks to its unique system integrated into the stand.

The system detects when the tool is returned to the stand and the vent absorbs the fumes automatically.

Connect the FAE050 to the FAE030 or FAE040 on your workbench.


FAE050 2st                                                                                                  Kampanjpris: 445,50kr (594kr)

The FAE2-5B is the most efficient solution to avoid solder fumes thanks to its unique system integrated into the stand.

The system detects when the tool is returned to the stand and the vent absorbs the fumes automatically.

Connect the FAE060 to the FAE030 or FAE040 on your workbench.

FAE060 1st                                                                                                      Kampanjpris: 445,50kr (594kr)


Flexible arm & Ø50mm clamp

Completely flexible arm to be adjusted to your workbench. It features a clamp to fix it in place.

FAE regulates the airflow depending on the number of aspiration tubes in use and filter saturation.



FAE070 1st                                                                           Kampanjpris: 1407,75kr (1877kr)

Aspiration for up to 4 stands + clamp to fix it in place.

FAE is the most efficient solution to avoid solder fumes thanks to its unique system integrated into the stand.

Once the tool is returned to the stand, the valve in the work area closes and the stand valve opens to absorb the fumes.

Fix the accessory on your workbench with the screws and connect FAE010 Flexible Hose to the main aspiration duct.

FAE031 Caps are included.

FAE040 1st                                                                           Kampanjpris: 566,25kr (755kr)


This tool helps you easily place and remove SMDs of different sizes. There are different cups to fit the size of any component.

It is connected to the suction plug on the Hot Air station.


T260-A 1st                                                                           Kampanjpris: 849,75kr (1133kr)